Educational Resource Unit ERU

Linked with Duiji – India, and with the Mahila Samakhya Programme.

The Educational Resource Unit ERU is a consulting group established in 1996 with the objective of working in an interdisciplinary manner on education, health, rights, livelihood and sustainable development. Since inception ERU has executed a range of research studies and evaluations/reviews in primary education, women’s education, rural livelihoods, social security, primary healthcare and women’s health. We have special expertise in qualitative research and process documentation.

Strategic planning and programme development has been a running theme in our work. We also facilitate policy development and implementation by government, donors, corporate foundations and voluntary organisations.

Unlike conventional research institutes, the ERU research and documentation team comprises a core team of professionals and independent researchers who come on board for specific assignments / projects. The team is hand picked to suit the specific requirements of an assignment. We are networked via the Internet and are able to work with researchers across the country and in different languages. We bring in people from research institutions when required. ERU is a partnership company now. The three partners are Vimala Ramachandran, Kameshwari Jandhyala and Nishi Mehrotra.

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