Educational Trust of India ETI

ETI, 36 Jeeva Street, Bethaniapuram, Madurai 625 016, India. Tel: 00 91 452 610 965. ETI has no Website. ETI is an NGO.

The Organisation aims and activities: ETI works towards assisting young children for the benefit of their welfare, development, future self dependency and self-sufficiency. This is done by conducting social welfare programmes and campaigning for children’s rights particularly in the area of child labour.

Organisation mandate: Provide training or education on child rights, Research child rights, Undertake legal casework on behalf of children, Work directly with children, Work in partnership with organisations.

Areas of expertise: Child labour and working children, Children and citizenship, Children and education, Children and health, Children living with HIV/AIDS, Children with disabilities, Children without parental care, Children working and living on the street, Reporting to and monitoring the CRC.

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