Women’s Organisation for Rural Development

Add: 102 Bazaar Street, Pandamangalam – 763 008, Tamil Nadu, Tel: 91-4268-430960, Email. siva_word@hotmail.com, The Organisation has no Website.
Contact: Mrs Ramachandran Sivakamavalli.

Purpose: Aged, Agriculture, Child welfare, Environment, Food and Nutrition, Health, Human Rights, Micro-enterprises, Poverty, Rural Development, Sanitation, Sustainable Development, Training, Tribal issues, Water, Women’s issues
Aim/Objective/Mission: The organisation has been formed for the cause of women community. It is looking at the women issues in this area with grave concern. The conditions of the women in Kabilarmalai block of Namakkal district are painting an alarming picture.

While the women live under a pathetic state of affairs, there are increasing cases of female infanticides. The organisation has taken serious efforts to curb this practice. Generally there has been fruitful results with declining number of female infanticides.

The NGO is concentrating on the women issues with twin objectives. Firstly the women need to be relieved from the clutches of exploitation by the male power groups.

Secondly the women need to be made to attain empowerment. It would not be exaggerative if the conditions of the women are put in a nutshell:
- The women are generally illiterate.
- They are confined to four walls without access to society.
- They have no say in the family affairs.
- They are treated as slaves.
- They suffer from male domination and exploitation.
- They also suffer from sexual abuse and harassment.
- They are not treated at par with men in respect of wages.
- They suffer from general health problems for want of nutritious food.

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