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No Nukes North’s goals are to promote educated opposition to missile defense in Alaska and encourage local peace activities. One way we do that is send out information to our email list. (Homepage).

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Missile Tests: Although they failed to achieve an intercept after executing over 35 full-scale tests of the missile defense system, using homemade potato cannons and 5 bags of potatoes Sunday afternoon, the No Nukes North spud test team was jubilant over their unmitigated success and emphasized how much they had refined the system in one afternoon.

Under sunny conditions and with the constant percussion of heavy artillery fire from the Donnely Dome bombing range just a few miles south of them, the testing team spent the first half-hour at the Delta River test bed site finding properly shaped willow muzzle-loaders, becoming familiar with using the sharpened ends of their cannons to tightly fit potato plugs, and lining out testing procedure and language so that the intercept and target teams were on the same page. The group fired numerous rounds over the river attempting to gauge the distance and trajectory of the missiles and debating whether propane or hairspray made a better explosive propellant. Missiles consistently traveled from 300-400 yards with occasional duds that flopped a few feet out of the cannon.

The first major setback occurred when Gunner #1 screwed the cap of his plumbing-pipe cannon on too tightly after fueling up the chamber, causing the team to sympathize with the Missile Defense Agency’s failure to launch due to a rusty silo door in their last test. Thus the first lesson of the afternoon: don’t over-screw your caps and if you do, beat them with the handle of a screwdriver to loosen them up … (full text).

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