Committee For Nuclear Responsibility CNR

  • CNR is a non-profit educational group, organized in 1971 to provide independent analyses of sources and health effects of xrays and other ionizing radiations. The work is supported by donations, logo by Malcolm Hancock.
  • Key Words: Xrays. Radiation, ionizing. Cancer, prevention. Nuclear power. Nuclear waste. Chernobyl. Threshold doses, mutagens. Whistleblowing. Breast cancer. Thyroid cancer. Hormesis. Hiroshima-Nagasaki, health consequences. Birth defects … (Mission).

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Address: CNR, Post Office Box 421993, San Francisco, California, 94142,   USA;

There are many worlds … ; Contrary to what those of us who were raised in Industrial Culture have been conditioned to believe, there are many worlds, actual and accessible, other than the incoherent, fragmented, and divided one continuously displayed in the majority of print and electronic media forms. It is expanding and life-affirming to one’s own existence, and all one touches and relates to, to be congnizant of more of these:  

  • The Spirituality of the Earth, by Thomas Berry, 1990;
  • Thomas Berry’s Earth Spirituality and the “Great Work,”, by Andrew Angyal, Spring 2003;
  • Paths Of Learning – An Introduction to Educational Alternatives, by Robin Martin, November 2000. Robin contacted me in September 1999 with the following proposition: The Rat Haus Reality web site is one my favorites in terms of real content on the Web for helping people access more holistic ways of viewing life; it’s right up there with Znet for alternative ways of thinking! As such, I’d like to propose a potential collaboration between your organization and a new project that I’m working on called Learning Options, which is about holistic education research, and seems quite in sync with your mission “To promote and encourage seeing wholistically, within ourselves, with all our relations, and throughout our world within universe.” This paper is the initial result of our meeting. Robin’s spirit and energy are inspiring to the extreme. i have already learned loads from this quicksilver being of bursting curiosity and hope you too will find much illumination and joy of discovery prompted by Robin’s championing of the creative light burning within each and every one of us.
  • Seeing The Post-Corporate World: Life After Capitalism   (PDF,  ASCII text formats): … (full long text many worlds).

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