Working Group on Development and Peace FriEnt


The Working Group on Development and Peace (FriEnt) is an association of eight German governmental and non-governmental organisations working in the field of development cooperation and peace building. The group was founded on 1 September 2001 with the following objectives:

  • promoting the role of peace building in the members’ strategies and activities,
  • capacity building,
  • promoting joint learning against a backdrop of different perspectives and approaches
  • supporting its members in networking and co-operation … (full text about).

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Address: Working Group on Development and Peace FriEnt, c/o BMZ, ahlmannstr. 4, 53113 Bonn, Germany;

Structure: A Steering Committee sets the political guidelines and is responsible for the overall strategic governance of the Working Group. It comprises one representative of each FriEnt member organisation.

Two chairs are elected by the steering committee and represent it between meetings.

Points of Contact have been set up in all member organisations and support exchange and mutual feedback between the member organisations themselves and with the FriEnt team.

Each member organisation delegates one staff to the FriEnt team, being responsible for one of FriEnt’s focal countries or issues. These team members spend between 50 and 75 per cent of their working time with FriEnt, and 25 to 50 per cent in their home organisations. In addition, the team comprises non-affiliated staff responsible for FriEnt’s central services.

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