Forum for Social Studies FSS

a new initiative in Ethiopia

FSS was legally registered in 1998. At the beginning, its supporters were small in number but thanks to its successful programs it has attracted a good number of supporters and wide interest among the public since then … (about /Institutional History 1/2).

Publications; News; Library; Debate; Outreach; Bulletin;
Address: Forum for Social Studies, P.O. Box  25864 code 1000, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia;

About /Institutional History 2/2: … Over the past years it has held numerous public policy debates, produced a large body of publications, including the quarterly newsletter called Bulletin, and several specialized studies and monographs, and helped to enhance greater awareness among civil society groups about the need to participate in public policy issues. 

FSS considers policy analysis as an important input to policy making and implementation, and hence it believes the building up of a policy-analysis infrastructure in the country is an important contribution. As part of the emerging body of civil society in the country, FSS hopes to contribute to the growth of a diversified civil society.

FSS is committed to mainstream gender issues in all of its activities. About 40 percent of the current members of the Board as well as the organization are women.

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