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The spirit of philanthropy lies at the foundation of the Center for the Study of Economics (CSE), a research affiliate of the Henry George Foundation of America.  CSE was established through the generosity of a few visionaries, including Marion Sapiro, Mary Davis,Natalie Munk and others in the 1980s.  Gifts of all sizes advance CSE’s mission – a world that rewards initiative without privilege and yet never forgets that there are those who have been left behind that must be helped, and our commitment to educate each generation of outstanding elected officials to the benefit LVT will provide within their communities … (full text contribute).

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Address: Center for the Study of Economics, 413 S. 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA;
Contact. Telephone: 215-923-7800, Fax: 215-923-7801, e-mail.

About: The Center for the Study of Economics is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational foundation established in 1980. 

We are the sister organization of The Henry George Foundation of America a 501 c (4) non-profit foundation, founded in 1926 by some of the leading Progressive Democrats in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh Mayors Scully and McNair, City Assessor Percy Williams, State Senator and Allegheny County Democratic Chairman Bernard B. McGinnis, and Councilman George Evans (driving force behind Buhl Planetarium). Its national office is now located in Philadelphia, in the house where Henry George was born.

Our mission is to research land value taxation, to assist governments in implementation and to study the effect of land based property taxation where used. We suggest implementation where appropriate but do not support political candidates or become involved in the electoral process.

The Center also gathers and disseminates articles, studies and monographs on the subject of land based taxation. The Center believes that taxation of labor and capital in urban areas is one the driving forces to the contraction and decay of our cities.

Although not the only solution, rational taxation of immovable property (land) can be a major tool for strengthening the development market in cities, reduce taxes for productive citizens and businesses and provide a progressive fair and equitable source of public revenue … (full text).


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