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OSI-New York and OSI-Budapest are separate organizations that operate independently, yet cooperate informally with each other. This website, a joint presentation, is intended to promote both organizations’ interests, while maintaining their respective transparency. (Information-Programme).

OSI Offices: OSI is based in New York City and cooperates with the Hungary-based OSI-Budapest. OSI-New York is exempt from United States income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Together with OSI-Budapest, OSI-New York provides administrative, financial, and technical support to the Soros foundations. OSI-New York operates initiatives, which address specific issues on a regional or network-wide basis internationally, and other independent programs. OSI-New York is also the home of a series of programs that focus principally on the United States. In the United States, OSI has offices in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. In addition to Budapest, other offi ces outside the United States are located in Brussels, London, and Paris.

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Speaker hires a George Soros activist;
Over $1 Million Awarded to Visionary Leaders in Criminal Justice;

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About: The Open Society Institute (OSI), a private operating and grantmaking foundation, aims to shape public policy to promote democratic governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform. On a local level, OSI implements a range of initiatives to support the rule of law, education, public health, and independent media. At the same time, OSI works to build alliances across borders and continents on issues such as combating corruption and rights abuses. OSI was created in 1993 by investor and philanthropist George Soros to support his foundations in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Those foundations were established, starting in 1984, to help countries make the transition from communism. OSI has expanded the activities of the Soros foundations network to other areas of the world where the transition to democracy is of particular concern. The Soros foundations network encompasses more than 60 countries, including the United States. (full text)., THE CENTRAL EURASIA PROJECT:
The Central Eurasia Project (its Homepage) aims, through its website, meetings, papers, and grants, to foster a more informed debate about the social, political and economic developments of the Caucasus and Central Asia. It is a program of the Open Society Institute-New York. The Open Society Institute-New York is a private operating and grantmaking foundation that promotes the development of open societies around the world by supporting educational, social, and legal reform, and by encouraging alternative approaches to complex and controversial issues. For background see the Eurasia Insight archive.

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