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Worldwide people working on Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network, CBNRM.Net, as practitioners, managers and researchers, are increasingly requesting better communication capabilities. Such communication and networking capabilities would make it possible for people to exchange experiences, manage relevant knowledge, and support learning across countries, sectors, cultures, and languages, and in this way achieve better results. The global context for these changes includes increased emphasis on culture, local institutions, traditional knowledge, participation and participatory approaches, and NGOs and civil society, within an overall nation-state framework characterized by increasing weight on decentralization, governance and transparency. CBNRM.Net is a response to this call. It provides a powerful set of broad, robust and useful networking tools aimed at linking stakeholders. As a complete, integrated, and adaptable knowledge management tool, CBNRM Net is presented as a service to the global CBNRM.Net community of practice. Explore CBNRM.Net for:

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CBNRM.Net will:

  • Play a key role in implementing the recommendations in key CBNRM.Net workshops and conferences, including the World Bank May 1998 international CBNRM.Net workshop;
  • Contribute to realize the potential inherent in civil society, participatory approaches, local social organization, culture and traditional knowledge in connection with managing local natural resources;
  • Provide a broad and unified network interface for the use of the global CBNRM.Net community of practice (CoP);
  • Function as a gateway to, and clearinghouse for, all manner of CBNRM.Net knowledge;
  • Be a virtual meeting place for the growing CBNRM.Net Community of Practice (CoP), thus making possible easy exchange of CBNRM.Net knowledge, and through this support the increasing amount of practical work;
  • Produce new CBNRM.Net knowledge, and thus move the CBNRM.Net agenda and CoP forward;
  • Advocate the importance of training and capacity building in CBNRM.Net; Specifically, contribute to determine the role of Internet in training and capacity building in CBNRM.Net, in combination with select CBNRM.Net networking tools.

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