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  • Vision: A society free from war, discrimination and social injustice and based upon human dignity for all
  • Mission: To utilize rights-based strategies in research, documentation and advocacy promoting the full realization of the rule of law, justifiability of rights and public accountability.
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State of Human Rights: This is a detailed account of the state of human rights in Sri Lanka focusing on the period January to December 2006.
Sri Lanka: State of Human Rights 2007 contains the following chapters: 

  • Overview of the State of Human Rights in 2006
  • Right to Liberty and Integrity of the Person
  • Judicial Protection of Human Rights
  • Emergency Rule
  • IDPs and Civilian Protection
  • The Role of Commissions of Inquiry in the Prosecutorial System of Sri Lanka
  • Public Institutions and De-Politicisation: Rise and fall of the 17th Amendment
  • Women’s Rights
  • Media freedom and Freedom of Expression : Heading for a Crisis
  • Official Languages Policy & Minority Rights
  • Post-Tsunami Housing Rights

SLR 450/US$10: …

… (full long texts State of Human Rights, from 1997 to 2007).

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