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  • The assistance provided by Medico is more than the supply of relief goods in emergency situations. We see our work as an element within comprehensive social action that aims at the implementation of the right to health.
  • In this effort we are not focused on short-term “interventionist aid missions”. Our concern is to cooperate in a spirit of solidarity and trust with people who are our autonomous partners and anything but mere recipients of aid … (about 1/2 /Medico works … with partners).

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About 2/2: … Our common point of departure is marked by the political and social aims that we share with our partner organizations in the South. The continuous exchange of experiences, openness in our interactions with the partners and a constant reflection of existing dependencies and individual interests also form part of these aims. 

Medico works … in context:

Those who through ignorance of important political and cultural linkages do not understand the root causes of human distress will not be able to react adequately to such distress. Wars and affliction are never a bolt from the blue. They have underlying reasons that must be challenged. Medico adheres to the principle of context-oriented assistance, even though the media at present publicly celebrates mostly direct hands-on support that does not dwell on political issues before getting started. The aim of our efforts is not simply targeted at alleviating humanitarian crises, but at overcoming them permanently.

Medico works … for change:

Any assistance granted to people leaves traces that will remain long after the original intervention. Therefore, assistance aimed at overcoming the status quo presupposes a socio-political vision of a different and more just world. It must develop strategies that can serve as a roadmap. There are no humanitarian solutions to humanitarian crises. We believe that assistance is an element within social action that fights for democracy, social justice and respect for human rights – together with the victims of destitution and despotism.

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