German Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management

Plattform Zivile Konfliktbearbeitung

At present, the Platform website focuses mainly on German actors and activities in the field of peaceful conflict management. It offers only few English-language news, events and documents. However, we consider it important to provide also those unfamiliar with the German language with information on the Platform and its policy contexts, as well as on German activities in peaceful conflict management.  … (about 1/2).

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Address: German Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management, Obenmarspforten 7, 50667 Köln, Germany;

About 2/2: … We are therefore planning to add within the next months English-language abstracts of the most significant documents published by the Platform. These abstracts will be available in the publications section of the Platform website. 

Please note that apart from publications and events, the Platform website offers also the opportunity to search expert profiles of Platform members and others in Germany, who are involved in the field of peaceful conflict management. Some of these (English) competence profiles can already be looked up on the current Platform homepage.

In addition, lists of annotated links help users find information on databases, national, European or international institutions and actors, as well as on jobs and internships. We apologise for being able to offer only limited English-language services for the moment. Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Platform coordinator (

Profile: … //

… The Platform is a German network of associates, aiming to promote peaceful conflict management:

“On the threshold of the 21st century, the world is facing an unbearable amount of violence, especially in internal conflicts. To reduce and overcome this violence, the development of diverse approaches to peaceful conflict management is essential. Therefore it is necessary, that non-governmental organisations increase their engagement and that in general society’s capability of managing conflict constructively will be strengthened.” (Preamble to the Charta of the German Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management)

The German Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management rises to this challenge. The Platform was founded in 1998 in Bad Honnef, Germany. It is designed as an open network.


Today the network connects more than 130 individuals and nearly 60 organisations, institutions and groups from the fields of: … (full long text about).

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