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Do you want to improve the creativity and innovation of you and your team?  We can help.  Paul Sloane, the UK’s leading speaker on innovation, can provide these services:

  • Keynote and after-dinner speeches
  • Leadership and Strategy Workshops
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Ideas Workshops
  • Link Presenter at Conferences … (Homepage 1/2).

Speaking; Workshops; Videos; Testimonials; Products; Laterals; Downloads; Test;
Address: Destination Innovation, Darroch House, 3 Castle Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 2DS, UK;

Homepage 2/2: … At Destination Innovation we help improve lateral thinking for leaders.  This results in better creativity, more ideas and successful innovation.  Our talks and workshops help you to find better ways to do things – saving money and giving you competitive advantage.

‘Paul made a great contribution to the leapfrog day at our conference, helping to create the right mindset and environment to generate many innovative ideas.’   Reckitt Benckiser

Paul Sloane is an author and expert on lateral thinking puzzles and lateral thinking in business. He is a skilled facilitator and course leader who helps top level teams achieve breakthrough results in their meetings. You can see some of his articles and videos on the Free Downloads page.

‘Paul delivered an inspirational half day. His session got the highest ratings of any on our meeting and gave us great ideas we’re implementing to drive positive change.’  Motorola

Our workshop on Creative Leadership helps people to develop leadership skills in creative problem solving and innovation. Our Ideas Workshop guarantees to generate a wealth of radical ideas for your business issues.  For example we ran a creative problem-solving workshop for the AA to find ways of boosting awareness and business for their Service Centres. The workshop produced dozens of great ideas including the Atlas Amnesty which generated nationwide press coverage and increased business.  We also offer an Innovation Audit.  It identifies what is impeding innovation in your business.  Why not start by taking our quick test to check your innovation level?  The average score is 22.

If you want to drive increased profit and improved customer service through innovation then look no further. Our techniques are practical and have immediate effect.  For example our Six Point Plan is a straightforward and effective way for you to improve innovation.

We work with leaders in large companies, small companies and public sector organisations.  Recent clients for talks and workshops include Accenture, ARM, Bayer, BT, DWP, EADS, HMRC, London Stock Exchange, Lloyds of London, Microsoft, Motorola, Nationwide Building Society, Nokia, Orange, PWC, Reckitt Benckiser and Shell.

To book a talk or workshop or to discuss your requirements please contact us.  We will be happy to tailor a session for your exact needs.

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