Change Facilitation

  • The Change Facilitation Associates Network (CFAN) is a global network of more than 60 people from around the world who enjoy exploring, creating, and celebrating change.
  • CFAN’s Mission: We aim to refine and co‐create change facilitation and share the knowledge with change makers around the world.
  • CFAN’s Vision: CFAN is a global community of people who explore and advance change facilitation collaborative to collectively create profound change in a profit and non for profit manner. This connects us deeply, both within ourselves and within this changing world.
  • CFAN’s Identity: … (Global Network).

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Address: Change Facilitation s.r.o., Galvaniho 7/D, 821 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic;

About Us: Change Facilitation s.r.o. was established in 2005 to facilitate the formation of a network composed of international experts and teams for consulting and training assignments, focusing on organizational and individual change processes.

It draws from a database of more than 15,000 Change Management practitioners, trainers, facilitators and consultants. The core of the Change Facilitation Associates Network (CFAN) consists of over 50 associated professional partners who are evenly spread over all five continents. We are committed to supporting individuals, teams, project, organizations, and communities to identify their needs and potential for positive change and to design and catalyze change processes, adopting a systemic perspective. The consultants and trainers explore the entire complexity of their assignments. They focus on people because they know that is people who will make or break change initiatives. We help to devise strategies that harmonize the mission of organizations with the individual objectives of the external and internal stakeholders..

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