Globalization Studies Network GSN

The first ideas for the creation of a network of globalization research centers were spawned at a lunch among colleagues back in fall 2002. The proposition was made that the topic of globalization and its multidisciplinary perspective was beyond the capacity of any one university to take on and address comprehensively. It was agreed that a coalition of university research centers from all over the world would be able to pool their expertise in globalization and make a more credible and persuasive case to funders about the merits of research proposals addressing the issues of globalization … (Homepage 1/2).

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Homepage 2/2: With that initial spark, the Globalization Studies Network has become established. Its formation is a true work of pooling different perspectives and ideas and an interdisciplinary collaboration.

An exploratory meeting was hosted by the GW Center for the Study of Globalization in Washington, D.C. January 2003, with about fifteen participants. A follow-up planning meeting with expanded participation—more than thirty research centers—was co-hosted by the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria and the Canadian International Development Research Centre in Ottawa, September 2003.

In August 2004, at the Inaugural Conference, hosted by the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation at Warwick University, the number of centers and institutions partaking in the formulation of GSN increased to more than eighty. At this meeting the GSN Framework was introduced and the participants agreed to adopt it as the guidelines for the formation and operation of the GSN, including an annual conference. The next meeting is scheduled for August 2006 to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

GSN participants blend diverse interests, disciplines and perspectives. The mix creates a unique association of worldwide scholars and practitioners who all share an interest in studying globalization collaboratively. Essentially, the GSN’s strength and vitality is derived from this insistence on diversity and collaboration.

We welcome all to join us..

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