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  • VISION: We want a world in which all people can live self-determined lives in dignity and safety while respecting the environment.
  • MISSION: We help disadvantaged people and communities in developing countries to actively improve their living conditions. (head of Frontpage).

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Addresses (1 of 3): Helvetas – The Swiss Association for International Cooperation, Weinbergstrasse 22a, P.O. Box, CH 8021 Zurich, Switzerland;

About: Helvetas was founded in 1955 as the first private organisation for development co-operation in Switzerland. Helvetas is a denominationally and politically independent association, supported by approximately 38’000 members, more than 40’000 sponsors and 15 regional volunteer groups. 

The overseas programme includes the most varied development projects, which are implemented by about 450 local, and 42 Swiss staff members in 18 partner countries. In Switzerland, through its regional groups, Helvetas gives the Swiss population the chance to show its solidarity with development co-operation.

Geographically, our key sectors are rural areas of the poorer countries of Africa, Asia – including Central Asia and the Caucasus – and Latin America.

Helvetas is oriented expressly not only towards material needs or aims, such as procuring food and improved living conditions, increased production and income or improved infrastructures. Equally important are immaterial aims – that is, social, cultural, and spiritual ones. These include the overcoming of paralysing dependence, reduction of inequality, building up of self-confidence or the strengthening of responsibility towards other human beings and the environment. Together with the concerned people, Helvetas also seeks to create an economic, social, and political system which enables men and women to work towards these targets. Also important are the promotion of democratic structures, opportunities for participation, and joint responsibility as citizens. Organisations, enterprises and also states should be governed by adhering to ethical, socially compatible, economic, and ecological principles and criteria. Finally, societal processes should take place in a non-violent manner by using mechanisms of conflict management.

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