Co-operative solutions to global poverty

(International Development Co-op).

Picked up on Weitzenegger’s Website for International Development Cooperation. Read there many interesting news and articles, and its Newsletter.

Welcome to the Website of the Co-operative College’s International Development Programme. The college and the wider UK co-operative movement have been involved in international work for many years. From the earliest days of the original UK co-operators (the Rochdale Pioneers) the co-operative vision has not simply been about retailing but also about how, through self-help, people can improve their working and living conditions. This model of democratic, practical self-help is relevant both in the UK and in poor communities in developing countries. A growing number of national and international organizations are now in agreement that co-operatives are vitally important in the fight against global poverty. For example the United Nations estimates that the livelihood of over three billion people is made more secure by co-operatives. The Department for International Development DFID has a Strategic Grant Agreement SGA with the Cooperative College and has funded this website. To find out more about the SGA, the aims of the website, international co-operation and the resources available to you through this site, please select a link from the table on your right.

Contact: Jayne Ormrod, Tel uk: 0161 246 2944

This site is funded by the Department for International Development through the Strategic Grant Agreement SGA it has with the Co-operative College … it has a number of different purposes:

  • One of its main aims is to raise awareness about the international co-operative movement as it addresses global anti-poverty agendas and strategies;
  • The site is also concerned to offer a resource for visitors interested in international development and co-operation. News, information and networking opportunities will all be found here;
  • A third aim is to help to support the UK Co-operative movement to make a more effective strategic contribution to international development as it becomes increasingly familiar with the Millennium Development Goals MDGs;
  • Fourthly, the site will keep people informed about International Development work at the Co-operative College generally;
  • Finally, the site is for you.

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