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The Arms Control Association ACA ( ), founded in 1971, is a national nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to promoting public understanding of and support for effective arms control policies. Through its public education and media programs and its magazine, Arms Control Today (ACT), ACA provides policy-makers, the press and the interested public with authoritative information, analysis and commentary on arms control proposals, negotiations and agreements, and related national security issues. In addition to the regular press briefings ACA holds on major arms control developments, the Association’s staff provides commentary and analysis on a broad spectrum of issues for journalists and scholars both in the United States and abroad.

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  • First contact in Washington: ARMS CONTROL ASSOCIATION, 1313 L Street, NW, Suite 130, Washington, DC 20005, TEL (202) 463-8270, FAX (202) 463-8273, E-MAIL;
  • Second Contact in Washington: 1150 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite 620, Washington, DC 20036, Tel (202) 463-8270;
  • Contact in Germany: Berlin, Kiefholzstr. 12, D-12435 Berlin, Germany, Tel +49-171-359-2410.

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