Rural Support Programmes Network RSPN

  • Building capacity of the RSPs and other members;
  • Undertaking policy advocacy with government and other key stakeholders, in order to make key policies more oriented towards the needs of poor people. Advocacy is commonly undertaken by advocating practical experiences of the RSPs, across the country. It entails documenting and providing exposure to policy makers across Pakistan, demonstrating improved service delivery and public-private partnership models;
  • Supporting programmatic innovations to improve programmes for poor people, as a value-addition to the work done by the RSPs;
  • Supporting the RSPs in setting standards for quality programmes;
  • Promoting networking, coordination and experience sharing within its member community and with external stakeholders. (Objective).

Core competency; Projects; Publications; Photos; Videos; News, events; Donors;
Address: Rural Support Programmes Network RSPN, House No.7, Street 49, F-6/4 Islamabad, Pakistan;

About /Introduction: The RSP Network (RSPN)was registered in 2001 under Pakistan’s Companies Ordinance (1984) as a non-profit company by the Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) of Pakistan. RSPN is a network of ten RSPs.

The RSPs involve poor communities (mainly but not exclusively rural) in improved management and delivery of basic services through a process of social mobilization. RSPN is a strategic platform for the RSPs, it provides capacity building support to them and assist them in policy advocacy and donor linkages. Currently the RSPs have a presence in 94 of the country’s 138 districts and 2 Fata Agencies, stretching from the mountainous north to the central plains and down to the southern coastline.

The RSPs collectively work with a rural membership of community organizations of 2.13 million rural households. Click here to see Programme Data on the RSPs.


The RSP Network (RSPN) was registered in 2001 under Pakistan’s Companies Ordinance 1984. RSPN was set up by the Rural Support Programmes of Pakistan as coordination, strategy and capacity building body for the RSPs. RSPN also selectively provides consulting services through its in-house expertise and also through selected outsourcing.

RSPN’s core funding is currently from the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom. However, RSPN has worked with a variety of donors and other partners in implementing projects with the RSPs. Such projects are managed by a Special Projects Wing at the RSPN. This Wing has been active in managing projects implemented by the RSPs, related to earthquake relief and rehabilitation in Pakistan’s earthquake affected areas, as of October 2005. click here for a list of Special Projects at RSPN.

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