bridging the gap – guide to NGOs in Pakistan

The idea of developing a Net-based NGO was pioneered by Mr. Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi. Mr. Zaigham has a long standing as a social worker primarily serving the disabled community in Pakistan, maintaining his main interest in hearing-impaired people. Mr. Zaigham is a professional banker and is currently serving as Managing Director of House Building Finance Corporation, a financial institution operating in Pakistan (e-mail). Mr. Zaigham has served banking industry at senior positions both at home and abroad. Mr.Zaigham has a diversified academic qualifications having Master Degrees in the fields of Engineering, Economics and Business Administration. Mr. Zaigham has been honoured by US Government as a Fulbright Scholar (1975-77) … (full text Man behind the concept).

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Contact online, or per e-mail.

Donors: We have covered Donor Organizations of International origin, are those that are in themselves primarily funded from abroad. We have arranged the information of Donor Organisation into Organisational, Procedural and Sub-Sector Detail information.

Organizational Form:

The organizational form elicits information primarily outlining the background of the donor organisation, number of offices in Pakistan, designations of contact persons for the recipient organisation, addresses, sectoral focus by funds, geographical coverage of projects in Pakistan, type of organization eligible for fund allocations, criteria of eligibility ans lastly whether donor allocates funding for operational and capital costs.

Procedural Form:

The procedural form on the other hand is a little more specific in terms of funding procedures. It elicits information such as procedure of funding, duration of funding, time lags between approval and disbursement of funds, recipient organization’s obligation to the donor along with donor obligations to the NGOs, whether the donor organisation will acknowledge receipt of proposal etc.


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