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  • The Citizens Archive of Pakistan is proud to present ‘The Birth of Pakistan’ at the Mohatta Palace Museum. This exhibition is one of many community-outreach projects that lie at the heart of The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP). For the first time in Pakistan, an interactive exhibit designed specifically for children will take young visitors on a journey from the Lahore Resolution of 1940 through the sacrifices made to achieve a Muslim homeland in 1947 to the early days of the new nation of Pakistan, as it struggled to stand on its feet.
  • The exhibit features a unique ‘train journey’ from India to Pakistan, recreations of make-shift government offices and refugee tents, a chance for children to explore the contents of a ‘sundook’ or trunk brought to Pakistan by a migrant, photographs and film clips of major moments in Pakistan’s early history … (full text Current Projects).

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ABOUT US: Watch firsts a video, 2.57 min. 

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) is a society dedicated to Cultural and Historic Preservation.  CAP is a non-profit, volunteer organization formed to foster, protect and promote the culture and history of Pakistan. We seek to educate the community, foster an awareness of our nation’s history and instill pride in Pakistani citizens about their heritage. Our projects aim to document, preserve and interpret the country’s history.

CAP has focused its attention on the tradition of oral story-telling in Pakistan, emphasizing the importance of such narratives in a dialogue on national identity. We are passionate about sharing Pakistan’s stories with the thousands of visitors who attend our festivals, exhibitions and educational outreach programs. Our archives, exhibits and galleries change and grow as our understanding grows, and we endeavour to share our knowledge in original and exciting ways.

Our archives provide a treasure trove of information for researchers and students through the stories that are preserved here.

Our vision is to develop CAP as the foremost library and museum of Pakistani history, art, photography, culture, literature and historical documentation demonstrating the strength and spirit of Pakistan from the perspective of a citizen.  Each exhibit and gallery will tell important stories about the country and provide an engaging and thought-provoking window into the nation’s past, present and future.

Partners: … (full text).

Rich Oral Histories:

Oral History is the recording of people’s memories. It is the living history of everyone’s unique life experiences. Oral History enables people who have been hidden from history to be heard, and for those interested in their past to record personal experiences and those of their families and communities.

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan has been recording Oral History since June 2008. Through these interviews, unbelievable stories have emerged of implausible acts of political strategy, as well as heart-warming accounts of courage and personal strength. As with all historical records, oral histories provide important information on incidents from the past. Being able to hear the story from the participants themselves adds yet another, richer, dimension to our collective national memory.

The following is an example from an interview, where the interviewee recounted the day of Mr. Jinnah’s funeral in 1948:

“You will not believe, from Garden Road till the Quaid’s Mazaar, there were people. Nothing but heads…there were at least one million people following the funeral cortege” … (full text).

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