SEECRAN or South East European Child Rights Action Network

SEECRAN is a network of non-governmental organisations, agencies, institutions and individuals promoting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in the South-East European region … From Budapest to Tirana, from Ljubljana to Sofia, you will find member organisations of SEECRAN spread all over South Eastern Europe.

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With the armed and other conflicts in the region, along with the transition of economies, the lives of millions of people in the region have changed, for most to worse. In war-affected areas, the usual consequence of destruction is economic devastation. In other countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Croatia, economic situation is not satisfactory and there are bad consequences of transition for children. Slovenia is the only country in the broader region that has managed to enable economic development. Greece and Turkey have for a long time been market-oriented countries and are in a different position, particularly with Greece being an EU member. Economic underdevelopment in most of the countries of the region has tragic consequences for children since it disables functioning of social services, health care, education and delivery of all kinds of services and goods. (full text).

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