Sunny Trust International

humanity is our value

… VISION: To be one of the most innovative, accessible & effective NGO responding to the needs of persons with substance abuse & psychological problems. (About 1/2).

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Address (1 of 2): Sunny Trust International, Main Murree R0ad, Bhara Kahu, ISLAMABAD, Pakistan;

About 2/2 /OBJECTIVES: 

  • To provide Physical Treatment and Psycho-social & Spiritual rehabilitation to drug   addicts
  • To establish vocational rehabilitation centers for drug addicts
  • To create awareness among marginalized groups
  • To mobilize & empower youth groups to take up vital leadership roles in drug   abuse prevention.
  • Development of awareness and resource material for general public
  • To establish network and coordination with local and International organizations   for exchange of experience, ideas, information and expertise
  • Educate children, parents, and other youth mentors, to help Nation’s young people   reject illegal drugs and underage alcohol and tobacco use
  • Work with the media, community structures, sports organizations, businesses and   faith groups, to encourage young people to reject substance abuse


  • A Board of Management runs “Sunny Trust”, which has representatives from different walks of life. Apart from these there are also other representatives from the community and professional institutions.
  • Sunny Trust operates through a Board consisting of 8 members. It is the policy making body. The Chairman is responsible to carry out the policy decisions of the Board, to write reports and proposals for new initiatives to the Board, to coordinate on going work of the project in the field, to promote the development of the staff, and to represent Sunny Trust on any forum or consultation related to its programs … (full text about).

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