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Kreddha—the International Peace Council for States, Peoples and Minorities—is a non-profit organisation guided by a council of eminent persons from all parts of the world, dedicated to the prevention and sustainable resolution of (violent) conflicts between population groups and the government of states within which they live. Where peace agreements have been concluded, Kreddha helps to implement them. Kreddha aims to assist and empower state governments and the leadership of population groups world wide to create the conditions for diverse communities to live in peace in an environment where they can actively participate in the society, state and region to which they belong … (about 1/2 /Mission).

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Address (1 of 3): Kreddha International, Jan van Nassaustraat 102, 2596 BW The Hague, The Netherlands.

About 2/2 … /Intrastate conflicts: Kreddha specialises in and limits its activities to intrastate conflicts. 

The term ‘intrastate conflicts’ is used to describe conflicts between population groups—autonomous regions, (indigenous) peoples, minorities and non self-governing territories—on the one hand and governments of sovereign states that exercise jurisdiction over them on the other.  Intrastate conflicts include (violent) confrontations over minority rights, cultural identity issues and the ownership and use of natural resources, as well as struggles for independence or various degrees of autonomy. Kreddha’s mission does not include activities with regards to ‘international conflicts’, i.e. conflicts between two or more sovereign states. Moreover, though intrastate in character, Kreddha is not set up to be involved in disputes between a state and individual nationals or companies of that state.

Our name:

‘Kreddha’ means ‘to place trust’. This Indo-European word is derived from ‘Kerd’ (heart), the root word of ‘concord’, which means agreement, harmony, friendship and peace, as well as treaty, accord, truce and settlement.


Kreddha was started as an informal initiative of concerned eminent persons, who gave their time and resources to prevent and help resolve intrastate conflicts. At the time it was known under the name Peace Action Council (PAC). The organization was incorporated and institutionalised as a non-profit organization in the US and in the Netherlands in 2000 and re-named Kreddha … (full text about).

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