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At Mathaba we provide an example that people can be united in their goals while maintaining healthy differences of culture, nationality and opinion. We encourage the search for alternative solutions to realize human rights and freedom, and evolve those ideas into concrete living works that benefit our world.

Mathaba can be contacted by Telefon at:

  • Hong Kong, China: +852 8199 000;
  • London, England: 0871 2000 246
  • Washington DC, USA: +1 202 470 3321

Wiki-Introduction – Mathaba.Net contains the Mathaba News Agency (mathaba), and also includes some special interest sections, Africa2020, Skype-News and other specialised news sites making up the Mathaba News Network.

Mathaba employs the latest technologies thus ensuring reports from our correspondents, editors and partners reach the widest possible readership within minutes of publication throughout the day and night, seven days a week, all year round. Mathaba News is immediately broadcast via the web site in a variety of formats including for mobile and PDA devices in addition to desktops, as well as by RSS and Email to subscribers on a range of topics.

Mathaba also acts as a web portal and includes email services, web search services and a variety of news and information as well as features such news feeds and desktop headlines. Currently a revolutionary news and alert delivery system is under development in partnership with leading web technology firms in Asia and Australia.

Mathaba currently operates on a not-for-profit basis with a number of editors, contributors and technicians in addition to reporters, analysts, and commentators in various hot spots around the world. Cooperative arrangements for sharing of resources are being sought with potential partners on mutually beneficial bases.

Mathaba web site is hosted on servers located in Canada with additional backup servers on the most reliable Data Centre in Europe where we have independent rack space, resilient 2 x 100MBps connectivity and the latest security and environmental control systems. We are currently moving to even higher specification servers in February-March 2007 to meet increased demand and load that will cater for 10 times current page load capacity.

Mathaba is a virtual online news agency originally founded within the African Union and operating satellite offices in London, Washington and Hong Kong.


Summary: Mathaba is a news agency and an online news network. Articles are contributed by authors, correspondents and analysts. Mathaba News is recognized by major web publications in the news industry.
Our Mission: Mathaba is dedicated to bringing news and information to the public free-of-charge, to assist in effecting better understanding and positive development. Our principles are best summed up in this flash-media presentation.

The Goal: Through Mathaba’s contributors and resources, we hope to encourage quality and thought provoking works. We aim not only to publish news but to encourage the finding of solutions to the global challenges facing humanity.

The Vision: The space here would be too small to give justice to our vision, needless to say it is of a world very different from where we are now. A world of peace, freedom and social justice.

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