Women without borders / Frauen ohne Grenzen

(and their german Homepage)

Linked with Shadi Sadr – Iran, with Now up to 35 Iranian children facing execution,

Women without Borders is an advocacy, PR and lobbying organisation for women around the globe. As an international initiative for women in politics and civil society, Women without Borders offers women a forum so that their voices can be heard and their concerns made public. Women without Borders supports women all over the world as they strive towards the inclusion and participation of women in all levels of decision making processes, and to bring their talents and energies in to the public arena.

next event April 22, 2007 in Vienna.at, (und nächster Event in Wien);
girls without borders;
men for change;

Women without Borders stands for non-violent and peaceful conflict resolutions in countries of transition and reconstruction. For positive politics that cultivate the decisive inclusion of women, we advocate a future without fear, suppression and violence. The activities of Women without Borders spotlights the courage and dedication of leading female supporters of civil society and work determinedly to bridge the gap between cultures. Through global dialogue, targeted information, the creation of alliances and with model projects with international partner organisations, Women without Borders empowers women towards positive change. (full text).

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