Center on Law and Globalization

A partnership between the University of Illinois, College of Law and the American Bar Foundation

  • The Center on Law and Globalization brings together leaders of international organizations, journalists, and legal scholars to understand the legal dimensions of key global issues, to stimulate exchanges on how these issues are addressed, and to advance research and conclusions on major topics in global debates.
  • The Center focuses on international human and legal rights issues, notably justice and security, the international economy and marketplace, and health.
  • By advancing social scientific understanding of global law, global legal institutions and global legal behavior, Center scholars lay foundations for potential solutions … (Mission 1/2).

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Mission 2/2: … The Center on Law and Globalization aims explicitly to help international legal agencies, such as the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, the Hague Courts, and the International Monetary Fund, to advance the research and scholarly frames available to global leaders, to enable national legal professions to catch a vision of the contributions they can make to advance participatory democracy and to help global and local leaders better understand the constraints, ideologies, and difficulties of advancing global agendas in a world of nation-states.

To open public debate on global issues to a wide global audience, the Center is pleased to introduce an interactive website, providing easy access to ground-breaking research on its principal issues through its unique SmartLibrary where the best research has been transformed into easily accessible executive summaries. The website offers a rich range of research and teaching materials for all specialists in higher education, international organizations and international journalism.

Based on the background research and thorough examination of each situation, the Center can assist in identifying specific problems and provide concrete recommendations to better society and help global leaders advance the proper use of law and justice in a variety of international situations.

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