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  • … “As a faith-based organization, every project we do has a goal of giving needed physical, medical and humanitarian help to orphans at risk and in need, with the ultimate purpose of bringing spiritual life and accompanying hope, faith, strength and direction to all those who are served.” – Executive Director Dwyatt Gantt … (History and Mission of Partners in Hope 1/2).
  • We are a US 501(c)(3) Public Charity. All donations are fully tax-deductible. Click here to view financial reports.

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About /History and Mission of Partners in Hope 2/2: … Who We Are: In 1992, while Dwyatt was living in China, he was impressed to ‘volunteer’ to help do something for the orphans.  Public interest was strong and he returned to the U.S. to facilitate the developments. 

Chinese native Melody Zhang discovered an orphange in a city she grew up thinking such places did not exist in her homeland. The children were malnourished and lonely and in need of loving homes. In partnership with Dwyatt, Melody began making arrangements in China for them to be adopted, fostered or given medical help for these children. Even as numbers of families found grew, the number of children left behind grew also. Medical programs arose to help meet this need, providing correctable surgeries for children with heart conditions and cleft lip/palate, physical therapy for cerebral palsy patients and counseling for children suffering from AIDS. Working now in China, Ethiopia, India and Vietnam, more and more children every day are experiencing a new opportunity – the opportunity to feel hope, as they go to school for the first time, with bellies full and their ailments met.

Who We Help:

  • Our focus is family preservation. We are committed to helping children throughout our world to the extent of the funding received from “Partners” – friends, corporations, foundations, and organized groups. Most of the children impacted by Partners in Hope live in families that are struggling to stay together against devastating poverty, disease, or other issues (some also are true orphans). Partnership funding can literally mean the difference between a child losing their family, as their parents are unable to give adequate care, and a family accessing resources that allow the family to remain intact.

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Why We Help:

  • Our faith in God and our responsibility to express His love for the hungry and hurting inspire us to reach out to those less fortunate. So many children suffer in our world due to circumstances far beyond their control. At Children’s Hope Partners, we bear this responsibility with honor and respect.
  • To find out how you can join as a partner in this mission, click here.

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