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Linked with Michael Schmidt-Salomon – Germany, with The American Atheist; with International League of Non-Religious and Atheists, with Atheist Alliance International, with Leitkultur Humanismus und Aufklärung, with Ex-Muslims form anti-religion group in Germany, with Manifesto of the Third Camp against US Militarism and Islamic Terrorism, and with the brights.

This foundation has a german Website: Stiftung zur Förderung des evolutionären Humanismus – to reach its internal pages click on the left column on items like (some): Aktuell, Akademie, Newsletter, Forum, Verbindungen, Impressum … etc.

An english translated text on this separate page resumes the rised questions in a text of Prof Dr Dr Eric Hilgendorf:

While conservative politicians claim a christian-patriotic leading culture (“Values of the Christian occident”) and sometimes call to the arms against “godless and unpatriotic fellows” others are dreaming of the “multi-cultural society” incl. a “naturalization of Islam”. But nei-ther the conservative reanimation of the idea of a “Christian fort Europe” nor the postmodern appeasement politics towards religious and esoteric tendencies will promote the project of an “open society”.

Theoretically it should be known that we have nearly no other choice than to bet on that “sup-pressed leading culture” , the leading culture of humanism and Enlightenment that was firmly tied to the historical progress of societies. But the politcal establishment is far from seeing this. On the one hand all the great successes of the modern age are due to the tradition of the Enlightenment (technical know-how, a state being founded on the rules of the law, freedom of speech, etc.). On the other hand the Enlightenment still is an “underground movement”. Mil-lions of people turned their back to the religions in Germany but in politics and in the media they are enormously underrepresented. Today some 32 % of the Germans don’t belong to any religious confession and some 50% say they are “not religious” but neither politicians nor the media take very much notice of that.

But what could be done to enforce the enlightening, humanist thinking in social debates? This perspectival question will be in the centre of IBKA’s and GBF’s open meeting “Leading cul-ture Humanism and Enlightenment”. We will discuss topics like “Limits of religious free-dom”, “Leading culture Humanism and Enlightenment”, integrations of migrants and the problem of Islamism”, “missionary work in the east” or “idelological neutrality of the state?” We will also discuss whether it could help to found a “central council of the confessionless”, as GBF recently proposed, to enforce the lobbying for the interests of confessionless people in Germany. (Read: full text in english and more).

And a german article on wikipedia: Die Giordano Bruno Stiftung ist eine gemeinnützige Stiftung des bürgerlichen Rechts, die sich die “Förderung des evolutionären Humanismus” zum Ziel gesetzt hat. Sie wurde 2004 von dem Unternehmer Herbert Steffen gegründet und ist nach dem ehemaligen Dominikanermönch Giordano Bruno benannt, der 1600 als Ketzer verurteilt und auf dem Scheiterhaufen hingerichtet wurde. Vorstandssprecher der Stiftung ist derzeit (Nov. 2006) Michael Schmidt-Salomon, der in ihrem Auftrag das Manifest des Evolutionären Humanismus geschrieben hat. Von Beginn an war die Stiftung insbesondere dem Werk des Kirchenkritikers Karlheinz Deschner verpflichtet.

Die Giordano Bruno Stiftung hat eine dezidiert religionskritische Ausrichtung. Sie vertritt die Ansicht, dass Religionen „die kulturelle Evolution der Menschheit bis heute auf unheilvolle Weise beeinflussen“. Mit ihrem Engagement für eine “Leitkultur Humanismus und Aufklärung” versucht sie, sowohl den Überlegungen einer “deutschen (christlichen) Leitkultur” als auch einem politisch indifferenten Multikulturalismus entgegenzutreten. (full text).

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