International League of Non-Religious and Atheists

(German Version: IBKA Internationaler Bund der Konfessionslosen und Atheisten e.V.)

Linked with Michael Schmidt-Salomon – Germany, with giordano bruno stiftung, with The American Atheist, with Atheist Alliance International, with Leitkultur Humanismus und Aufklärung, with Ex-Muslims form anti-religion group in Germany, with Manifesto of the Third Camp against US Militarism and Islamic Terrorism, and with the brights.

IBKA: To become member of IBKA, print out the membership application form, fill it in and send it in by mail. Membership contribution: The membership contribution is 50 euro per year. It is possible to pay a reduced contribution of 25 euro: (1) for members of organizations that are corporate members of IBKA, and for members of friendly organizations with the same objectives; (2) for spouses and partners of members paying the full contribution; (3) for people with low income. Donations are tax-deductible in Germany.

Goals – these are the essentials of IBKA, according to its by-laws:

  • The achievement of universal human rights and promotion of international understanding, based on religious and philosophical freedom.
  • Complete separation of state and church/religion/philosophy.
  • Achievement of individual self-determination against traditions as well as religious and philospophical norms.
  • Promotion of understanding among nations on the base of human rights, especially freedom of religion and philosophy.
  • Promotion of rational thinking and tolerance and of the ability of individual self-determination.
  • Accomplishment and promotion of adequate educational, social and cultural institutions (such as secularized kindergartens, schools, church-free hospitals, homes for old people etc.).
  • Support of humanitarian aid by non-religious and atheists.
  • Information about nature, function, structures, and claims to power of religions and their institutions.

Political guide; The quarterly Magazine MIZ /Materialien und Informationen zur Zeit (in german language); Council and Corporate Members; IBKA is a member of Atheist Alliance International; to write us, click on Contacting IBKA.

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