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The Atheist Alliance Inc. AAI is a democratic association of independent, autonomous atheist societies. Applications for Alliance membership from independent local, regional or international atheist clubs, groups, societies, organizations, and associations are always welcome.

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AAI welcomes individual members. In addition, individual atheists who do not have an already established atheist organization in their area may receive a free membership with Atheist Internet Outreach; Established as a member organization of the AAI, our Outreach Program is designed to assist isolated and/or disaffected atheists with freethought issues of the day.

Atheist Alliance International is registered in the United States as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, educational organization. Donations to AAI are tax deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

Atheist Alliance International AAI is an organization of independent religion-free groups and individuals in the United States and around the world. Our primary goals are to help democratic, atheistic societies become established and grow and to work in coalition with like-minded groups to advance rational thinking through educational processes. Virtually all income goes to these causes. We have little paid staff. Our members make all the decisions and do almost all of the work.

The Alliance sponsors annual conventions, publishes Secular Nation magazine,
a quarterly magazine of interest to atheists, and The Freethought Directory,
an attempt to list all freethought organizations in the world, and the Journal of Higher Criticism, a respected scholarly publication of Biblical study. We sponsor Objectivity, Accuracy, and Balance in Teaching About Religion (OABITAR), a resource for teachers. We maintain a web site that hosts member societies’ web sites free of charge.

Applications for Alliance membership from democratic local, regional, or international atheist organizations are always welcome. Member societies pay no dues but contribute to the grassroots organizing work of Atheist Alliance. Each member society has its own representative on the AAI board. (full text about).

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