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KIND is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting democracy by strengthening civil society in Africa in the spirit of commitment to humanity demonstrated by Kudirat Abiola, the late Nigerian pro-democracy leader, philanthropist and fighter for justice.

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  • Vision: An Africa where women and youth are full participants in the continent’s social, economic and political development;
  • Mission: To empower and enable the development of Africa by strengthening organizations and initiatives dedicated to the advancement of women and youth;
  • Strategy: provide financial support; offer leadership development; build organizational capacity; foster collaboration with like-minded groups on an international scale; conduct research and publish findings on the contributions and status of women and youth.
  • Progress Report: By summer’s end, we were clear that an organization that honored my mother’s passion had to be a vehicle for developing women and youth as change agents in Nigeria.

We even crafted the goal: to restore democracy by empowering civil society in the spirit of commitment demonstrated by Kudirat Abiola. To achieve this, we identified five focus areas — women, youth, media, civil society development and friends (the solidarity idea instrumental in achieving democracy in South Africa). Both the goal and the focus areas has been clarified a great deal this year but served us well for our first three years.

KIND’s contact information:

  • KIND Nigeria Office, 15 Military Street, Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria, Tel: 234 1 264 7274, E-mail;
  • KIND USA, P.O. Box 65429, Washington DC – 20035, Tel: 301 883 0169, Fax: 301 883 0151, e-mail.

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