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The rabble podcast network is a growing collection of Canadian podcasts which offer an alternative take on politics, entertainment, society, stories, community and life in general. (Homepage and current rabble poll).

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Landing Welcome: Come on in — we’re glad you’re here. rabble.ca was built on the efforts of progressive journalists, writers, artists and activists across the country.

We launched rabble on April 18, 2001, just before the protests against the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, and leapt onto the Net with the kind of coverage you could only get from the point of view of the rabble. We have covered events and issues in ways you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else ever since.

rabble.ca is a registered not-for-profit organization. We rely on the support of individual and organization donors and our sustaining partners . If you would like to support independent journalism please click here.

We now get well over a hundred thousand visitors each month. 85,000 sites link to us. And we are growing. rabble.ca is currently in the process of redesigning the site to increase original content, reader interactivity, and the range of voices seen and heard on the site. rabble.ca features some of the best progressive writers in Canada. Some are known to you; others are the new and emerging voices you’ve been straining to hear.

In addition to original news stories, in-depth features, provocative interviews, commentaries and more, rabble publishes columns from some of the few progressive voices in mainstream media (if we’ve missed anyone, let us know) and reprints articles you wouldn’t want to miss from other alternative publications.

rabble.ca has also moved beyond the written word to the world of podcasting through the rabble podcast network (rpn). The rpn is a growing collection of Canadian podcasts (radio and video you can subscribe to) which offer an alternative take on politics, entertainment, society, stories, community and life in general.

In 2008, we have also introduced video to rabble.ca with rabbletv. Keep your eye on this page for new developments as we grow our multi-media presence.

And since we love a good idea and the books that hold them we now offer the rabble book lounge. This is a place to read rigorous reviews, find fabulous book events, discuss books in our book club and shop at our best-in-the-left bookstore.

rabble is also a place where our creative spirit is celebrated. After all, what’s the use of being political if you can’t have some fun with it? Or you could ask our fun-loving activist advice columnist Ms. Communicate a question.

Our in cahoots section showcases content and campaigns from our organizational partners. And our netted news links take you places you’ve never been before but have always wanted to go.

Our staff and our volunteers make rabble run. Meet them in our bio section.

But it’s our readers who make rabble thrive. Just check out our vibrant discussion forum — babble — to see what we mean. babble is an interactive space where rabble-rousers mix, mingle and mix it up, whether it’s to comment on an article, post your own version of events, to follow breaking news or join in rule-breaking discussion. You can also use our what’s up listings to find or post events staged by social justice, arts and other organizations in your community, or across the country. Or, join the fray by trying out our regular 3-minute action.

Joining the rabble and keeping track of all this news for the rest of us is easy when you sign on to get our weekly e-mail update. It’s like getting a subscription — only it’s free!

rabble.ca is a more than an online, progressive news site. People come for the news and stay for the community. Check it out, and enjoy.

Link: New G20 most wanted list released; new arrests – G8/G20 Communique, by Krystalline Kraus, August 9, 2010.

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