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Linked with Monika Hauser – Germany, and with Self-immolation by oppressed Afghan women is rising.


And for Afghanistan: Medica mondiale,

  • - We support traumatised women and girls in war and crisis zones. And all against child marriages and forced marriages!
  • - On the 7th of March, in advance for celebrating of International Women’s Day 2007, the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and medica mondiale e.V. are encouraging both men and women to register their marriage and help make Afghanistan safe and secure.
  • - Self-immolation – escaping violence: medica mondiale presents first systematic research study of afghan women’s suicides
  • “When human beings cannot resist outside pressure, the conclusion comes to end her life. This is the strongest protest against bad conditions” – Quotation of the Minister of Public Health. Addressing self-immolation: Developing a response strategy, a joint conference between medica mondiale (Women’s Rights Department) and Afghan Human Rights Commission took place 14-16 November, 2006 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Delegates from countries like Bangladesh, Iran, India and Sri Lanka – which have similar female suicide rates – discussed the problem with around 200 participants at a conference in Afghanistan on Tuesday. (full text).

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