Three organizations working for Peace and Human Rights on the Åland Islands

Linked with Barbro Sundback – Finland, and with Don’t blame the victims.

1) The Åland Islands Peace Institute / the Ålands fredsinstitut)

The Åland Islands Peace Institute belongs to a network of researchers and institutes that are focused on new challenges in peace research. The Peace Institute conducts research on minority rights and autonomy. It relates to the notion that “democratic participation” of minority groups and persons belonging to minorities can prevent conflicts in multicultural societies and safeguard their cultural identity. Research programme on democratic participation: (full text english, with contact).

The main description is in finish language.




2) Emmaus Åland (in finish),
/ Peace Association-Emmaus (in english),
and some Emmaus groups in Finland.

“Peace Association-Emmaus” is located in Mariehamn, in the Åland Islands of Swedish-speaking Finland. This group carries out both the “traditional” Emmaus work (reprocessing, sorting, and sales of used objects) and peace work. Based on the principal that cooperation between peoples is possible and on the need for universal peace, Emmaus Åland carries out actions to help prevent and resolve conflicts (demonstrations against the situation in Iraq, campaign against landmines, etc.). The group is preparing the upcoming opening of a “Peace School” that will train activity leaders, in partnership with other local organizations working for peace.



3) Finnish Music Information Centre (in english),

/ Suomalaisen musiikin tiedotuskeskus (in finish).

About: Finnish Music Information Centre (Fimic) is a member of the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC), the International Association of Music Libraries (IAML) and the International Association of Sound Archives (IASA). Goal: To Get Finnish Music Heard! (full text).


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