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  • Mission: The USGS serves the Nation by providing reliable scientific information to describe and understand the Earth; minimize loss of life and property from natural disasters; manage water, biological, energy, and mineral resources; and enhance and protect our quality of life.
  • Vision: USGS has become a world leader in the natural sciences thanks to our scientific excellence and responsiveness to society’s needs. (Our Mission and Vision).

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USGS Science Strategy: In order to respond to evolving national priorities, the USGS must periodically reflect on and optimize its strategic directions. This report is the first comprehensive science strategy since the early 1990s to critically examine our major science goals and priorities. 

The development of this science strategy comes at a time of global trends that have important natural-science implications. The emergence of a global economy affects the demand for all resources. In turn, use of these natural resources is occurring on a scale that may modify the terrestrial, marine, and atmospheric environments upon which human civilization depends. The use of and competition for natural resources on the global scale, and natural threats to those resources, has the potential to impact the Nation’s ability to sustain its economy, national security, quality of life, and natural environment.

Responding to these national priorities and global trends requires a science strategy that not only builds on our existing strengths and partnerships but also demands the innovation made possible by integrating the full breadth and depth of our capabilities. The USGS chooses to go forward in the science directions proposed here because the societal issues addressed by these science directions represent major challenges for our Nation’s future and for the stewards of our Federal lands, both onshore and offshore … (full text).

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