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… The purpose of the African Elections Database is to provide a comprehensive archive of past and present election results for the 48 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa … (about the Database 1/2).

Authorities; Chronology; Updates; Terms, Definitions; Recents; Calendar;
Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa;
Contacts and addresses: for each country scroll down of any page and click on the link.

About the Database 2/2 (inkl. Sources and Links) /Election Pages & Results: Each country’s election page starts with a political profile. 

The political profile gives an overview of the political leadership and a brief history of the political situation in the country since its independence (for a description of terms used in this section, visit the Terms and Definitions page). A list of political parties (sorted alphabetically by acronym) and coalitions are found at the end of the political profile.

Election Results at this site may differ from those posted on other sites for some of the following reasons:

  • -Many sites post the provisional final results that are released soon after an election. On this site, provisional results are posted until the definitive results (usually one to two weeks after the election) are released.
  • Example: In Ghana’s most recent presidential election, held on 7 December 2004, the provisional final results gave incumbent President John Kufuor 52.75% of the vote. The definitive results, which were released on 2 January 2005, gave him 52.45%. This site uses the 52.45% figure, while most others used the provisional result.
  • -When some sites (especially government sites) post election results, they include invalid/blank votes in the final total. On this site, percentages are based on distribution among valid votes, unless otherwise noted.
  • Example: The final results of Burundi’s Constitutional Referendum, conducted on 28 February 2005, showed a 90.10% “Yes” vote and a 7.82% “No” vote. The invalid votes constituted the remaining 2.08%. On this site, the new results that exclude invalid votes gives the “Yes” vote 92.02% and the “No” vote 7.98%.

Site Changes:

  • Since April 2005, data on registered voters has been added to election pages. Due to the difficulty in obtaining these figures for some countries, it will take a while to complete this task for all 48 countries. On pages where these figures have not been added, only voter turnout and valid vote figures (listed as Total Votes) are given. On pages where registered voter information has been added, Total Votes include all votes cast (valid valid+invalid/blank votes).

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