Ethics Practitioners’ Association of Canada EPAC

Association des praticiens en éthique du Canada APEC

To achieve our vision of exemplary ethical behaviour in Canadian organizations, our mission is to enhance the quality and availability of ethics advice and services across Canada, and enable individuals to work successfully in the field of organizational ethics. (Mission/Vision 1/2).

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Address: EPAC-APEC OFFICE SERVICES, Pat McGregor, 51 Dalgleish, Kingston, ON, K7L 5H6, Canada;

Mission/Vision 2/2: … Our vision is that all Canadian organizations, whether public, private or voluntary, will operate in an exemplary ethical and socially responsible manner at home and abroad, in accordance with their own stated values, leading standards in their sector, and applicable international standards.

Finding a Canadian voice:

EPAC has invested a lot of effort over the last few years developing the association’s infrastructure and specifying the qualities of practitioners who practice professionally in the field of ethics in Canada. This work has created a base for our next step forward – “A Canadian Ethics Practices Framework” which was launched at the EPAC-APEC AGM in Ottawa in June 2008.

The Framework is intended to provide a platform through which we can describe the current state of ethics practice in Canadian organizations of all types and to provide a vehicle through which we can describe, discuss, develop and disclose emerging ethics practices in the Canadian context. This is critical work will open a unique Canadian dialogue nationally, providing recognition for EPAC-APEC as the premier source of pragmatic ethical guidance in Canada, ensuring its continuing relevance, and allowing for effective partnership with and meaningful contribution to other like ethics organizations worldwide.

The Framework, along with a covering memo, providing additional important context, was circulated in both official languages, to all members in June 2008. If you did not receive both of these documents please contact EPAC-APEC administration directly to obtain your copies. I strongly encourage you to consider the Framework with respect to the ethics programs you responsible for administering or advising and compare the critical essentials of those practices to the elements of the Framework for completeness.

The Framework is considered very much a work in progress at this point and we encourage feedback related to both its structure and content. We will provide a special email address ( through which you and provide your feedback in either language. Please provide both your comments on the Framework and a description of the inventory of the ethics practices you are involved with so that we can simultaneously compile a benchmark inventory of Canadian practices. These submissions are made in complete confidence to the EPAC-APEC Framework project team.

Finally, I would like to close with special thanks for the efforts made over the last year by our retiring Board members to recognize the leadership of Norman Steinberg as Board Chair. I would also like to welcome our new and returning Board members for 2008-09 we should have a solid year of important work ahead.

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