Third World Network TWN

Added Sept. 6, 2009: linked with Northern Alliance for Sustainability ANPED; with Environment Liaison Centre International ELCI, Kenya; and with Sustainable Development Issues Network SDIN, to form a global NGO network whose purpose is to promote good governance, and enhanced awareness and knowledge about environmental and sustainable development processes and to ensure global quality NGO participation in these global processes within the intergovernmental systems, primarily within the United Nations.

Linked with Martin Khor – Malaysia, with Speech about Third World Economics, and with WTO, The New Threats to Developing Countries and Sustainability.

Third World Network TWN is an international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to environment, development and the Third World and North-South issues. It has its international secretariat in Penang, Malaysia. Its flagship magazine, Third World Resurgence, covers a wide range of topics including environment, economics, biotechnology, north-south relations etc. The network conducts research on various issues pertaining to the third world countries; It publishes books and magazines, organizes seminars.

Published Magazines:

Directed by Martin Khor, (Malaysia) it has offices (TWN Africa) in Accra (Ghana), Geneva, Goa (India) and (Red del Tercer Mundo) Montevideo (Uruguay). It also has affiliated organizations in a number of third world countries, including Bangladesh, Brazil,Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Senegal, South Africa, Thailand, and Uruguay.


  • UN and UN Reform
  • Latest News and Papers on WTO
  • Trade Issues/Rules and WTO
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Global Financial and Economic Crisis
  • Trade Developments (incl. UNCTAD)
  • Economics
  • Biotechnology/ Biosafety
  • Biodiversity, Access, Indigenous Knowledge and IPRs
  • Environment
  • Women’s Rights & Gender Issues
  • Human Rights
  • Health
  • UN, Peace & Security
  • Tourism
  • Climate Change
  • WSSD/Rio+10
  • TNCs
  • Free Trade Agreements

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