The Shirkat Gah Women’s Resource Centre

Linked with Farida Shaheed – Pakistan, and with Women living under Muslim laws.

Vision: Shirkat Gah is committed to a just, progressive and democratic society where women are fully empowered, gender equality, human security and opportunities are ensured for all, peace prevails and resources are shared on a sustainable and equitable basis. It strives to ensure a responsible and sovereign state in a world order and equity between national and international interests. (full text).

Women Law and Status Programme; Women and Sustainable Development; Reproductive Health & Reproductive Rights; Green Economic & Globalisation; Documentation Centre;

Mission Statement:

  • To hold the state accountable and to develop a culture of peace that ensures the sustainable and equitable use of resources and the full inclusion and rights of all people;
  • To advocate and mobilize for positive changes in policies and practices from the community to the national and international levels;
  • To build capacity, provide support and solidarity that enables women and their communities to make informed decisions and create new choices. (full text).

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