The Microfinance Gateway

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The Microfinance Gateway is the most comprehensive online resource for the microfinance industry. It includes research and publications, specialized resource centers, organization and consultant profiles, and the latest news, events, and job opportunities in microfinance. Its guiding vision is to enable microfinance industry participants to generate value, innovate and engage in the free flow of ideas by effectively utilizing the Gateway’s knowledge assets.

The Gateway features 6,400 online documents, over 1000 listings of microfinance focused organizations and over 250 consultant profiles. It allows users to contribute publications, op-ed or thought pieces, news, conference and workshop announcements, and employment vacancies. We rely on the feedback and contributions of our visitor-participants to remain relevant.

Since our launch in June 2000, visits to the Gateway have grown in tandem with the services we offer, with total monthly site visits on the English site averaging 50,000 unique users from over 100 countries. More than one million pages are downloaded each month.

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