Friends of Africa International

Friends of Africa International aims to promote human rights, social justice, democracy and good governance in Africa. Please explore our site to learn more about our organization.

Friends of Africa International (FAI) seeks to bridge the gap between State institutions and the civil society using a human rights framework in order to promote the implementation of economic, social and cultural rights in Africa. By studying the role of international assistance in promoting and sustaining democracy in post-conflict and conflict-prone settings, FAI projects ultimately support the development of credible and efficient electoral process and assist in building public confidence by ensuring the professional management of elections and by increasing the level of access and turn out of voters. (full text).

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Right now, FAI is expanding its projects in Africa and we need help to fund these projects. Some people are moved to give to Friends of Africa International through their love for Africa or the joy of giving or simply because they know it will make a positive impact and difference in another person’s life. Others have developed special interest in Africa as a result of travel or life-long interests. We invite you to explore the opportunities to help FAI meet the complex needs of the emerging nations of Africa. Below are some ways in which you can support FAI.

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