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… Through its program on Political Finance and Public Ethics and with the support of the United Nations Democracy Fund, IFES is assembling a coalition of researchers, experts, anti-corruption activists, and practitioners in the field of political finance to develop a set of global standards that clarify and define article 7 (3), both within the context of the Convention and the emerging set of global best-practices … (full text  Global Standards).

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About Us /Overview: Political finance accountability and reform has emerged as a new area of democracy development programming by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), political reformers, academics, and bilateral assistance agencies that have traditionally assisted or funded elections and political process programming. 

Evidence of this interest is demonstrated by funding initiatives from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Department for Foreign International Development (DFID) as well as programming initiatives from such NGOs as the Carter Center and the Open Society Institute. Inter-governmental organizations such as the Organization of American States (OAS) and International IDEA are also developing programming in this topical area. In keeping with the trend IFES ongoing work with Election Management Bodies (EMBs), civil society organizations, and in anti-corruption work, political finance has emerged as a program priority.

The intention of political finance programming is six fold: 1) to introduce political finance reforms into legislation and practices of public agencies or to reform existing legislation and practice; 2) if political finance regulations exist, to enhance the enforcement of these regulations; 3) to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to monitor and report on political finance activities; 4) to conduct civic education programs to enhance the public’s knowledge about political finance activities; 5) to develop methodologies and standards and to conduct research on political finance topics to deepen the information resources and knowledge base on this subject; 6) to help political parties develop diversified and transparent sources of funding and improve standards of party and campaign finance.

Program Rationale: … (full text about).

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