ArmsNetAfrica – Arms Management in Africa

a project of the Institute for Security Studies ISS

ArmsNetAfrica is a web portal that presents a variety of resources, documents, events and links on armed violence (and its reduction), arms proliferation, arms control and disarmament in Africa. ArmsNetAfrica is intended to be a reference tool for policy makers, researchers, journalists and civil society activists working on these issues. It is hosted by the Arms Management Programme (AMP) of the Institute for Security Studies. AMP welcomes contributions and partners wishing to play a role in the development of the site. (Homepage).

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Address:  Arms Management Programme, Institute for Security Studies ISS, PO Box 1787, Brooklyn Square, Tshwane (Pretoria), 0075, South Africa;
Contact. Tel: +27 (0)12 346 9500/2, Fax: +27 (0)12 460 0998, Email, Web enquiries.

About: The Arms Management Programme (AMP) of the Institute for Security Studies ISS has been addressing arms control and disarmament issues in Africa for more than a decade, undertaking policy-orientated research, transferring knowledge and providing training to key government and civil society stakeholders.

AMP facilitates workshops, seminars and conferences in support of the implementation of relevant international and regional arms control and disarmament protocols, treaties and conventions.


The two main goals of AMP are:

  • To contribute to disarmament initiatives in Africa and to the implementation of effective arms management and control measures
  • To increase knowledge about the relationship between arms, violence and development.

AMP persues these goals by:

  • Supporting and facilitating the implementation of arms control and disarmament initiatives at the local, national, regional and continental levels, and sharing the lessons derived from these efforts with the international community
  • Collecting and analysing information that will influence the formulation and implementation of arms control and disarmament policies and legislation
  • Providing capacity building and training to appropriate stakeholders.

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