Information Portal on Corruption in Africa iPOC

In July 2003, the first incarnation of IPOC – the Southern African Online Corruption Information Centre, was launched. Our vision was to develop an online resource centre that would ultimately become one of the primary online reference points for those in Southern Africa interested in combating corruption .The initiative was informed by a meeting of Southern African civil society organisations in August 2002 , organised by Southern African Human Rights Initiative Trust and Transparency Zimbabwe, which identified the need for a regional portal on corruption … (about /History 1/2).

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Address: iPOPC Africa, 2nd Floor, Armoury Building, Buchanan Square, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, South Africa;

About /History 2/2: … In 2004, having received feedback from anti-corruption practitioners, the team decided to revamp the site and changed the name to the Information Portal on Corruption (IPOC). 

The update was aimed at attracting repeat visitors such as anti-corruption practitioners and general users. However, it also reflected a deeper concern.he increasing prominence of anti-corruption initiatives on the global agenda was effectively making its way back onto the national agendas of African countries. It therefore became imperative that we provide an open and accessible Internet space for stakeholders to engage and reflect on current events. In practice this meant providing existing information, generating new research and knowledge, as well as contesting perspectives on relevant issues.

On the technical side, we also became aware of the value of simplifying the search functions and developing the database on the website to enhance user access to information. The monthly newsletter, Umqol’uphandle, which features topical South African corruption stories, was also added in 2004 to provide greater depth and critical perspectives.

Since then, IPOC has evolved to accommodate the changing needs of its users, the expanding geographical focus of the Institute’s work and new project based research within the Corruption and Governance Programme. Today, IPOC’s design reflects the latest technological advances in as content-management based system, and as a user-friendly, accessible and attractive portal which attracts frequent visitors.

Programme and Staff: … (full text about).

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