IGAD Capacity Building Programme Against Terrorism ICPAT

promoting security in the IGAD region

IGAD Capacity Building Program against Terrorism (ICPAT) was launched in 2006 to implement the decision of the Heads of State of IGAD member states meeting in Khartoum, Sudan in 2002 … (about /Overview 1/2).

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Addresss: ICPAT, Alexander Pushkin Street, Pushkin Square, Kirkos Sub City, P.O. Box 11880, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia;

About /Overview 2/2: … The Program aims at building national capacity to resist terrorism, and promoting regional security cooperation. The five main components of ICPAT are the following: 

  • Enhancing judicial capacity
  • Optimizing interdepartmental cooperation
  • Enhancing border control
  • Providing training, sharing information and best practices
  • Promoting strategic cooperation

ICPAT carries out studies and research with the objective of highlighting key steps required for safeguarding security; it convenes meetings within and between countries to promote information sharing and cooperation; and it provides counter terrorism training for law enforcement officers.

ICPAT’s work is guided by a Steering Committee, chaired by the IGAD Secretariat, comprising representatives of IGAD states and non voting members from the countries that provide core support to the Program.

Personnel: … (full text about).

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