WorldCitizen, a yahoo group

This WorldCitizen yahoo group, with today 2486 members, organises debates about questions touching the theme of WorldCitizen.

(Attention: this group has not to be confused with OUR NGO, the Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum AEHRF. We have a pratically same URL, just mention the ‘-’ between the words ‘world’ and ‘citizenship’.

The actually debated themes, proposed by the members, are:

  • - International Poll on the bill to amend the Constitution of Japan;
  • - Resisting the Drums of War, with a YouTube-VIDEO of 9.57 minutes, added March 30, 2007;
  • - Re: Ecuador and the World Passport;
  • - Re: New World Order a GOOD idea?
  • - understanding what is.

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Description: As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and interdependent we can, and must, acknowledge local and global citizenship simultaneously.

Just as we can be citizens of a city, a state and a nation-state, so we are, by birth, de facto citizens of the world. These different levels of citizenship do not cancel one another out, but instead complement one another. The main approach we have taken in overcoming state oppression is to empower ourselves on the global level. As human beings exercising our inalienable rights, we identify ourselves politically as World Citizens. To protect our human rights legitimately, in 1953, world citizens founded the World Government of World Citizens: a grass-roots initiative in the process of building a minimally centralized, sovereign, and democratic global government with appropriate organs to secure peace through world law and to protect fundamental human rights and cultural diversity, the rights of ethnic and social minorities, as well as ecological rights as defined by the growing body of declarations from the United Nations and other global and regional forums. The World Service Authority(R) is the administrative branch of the World Government of World Citizens. Founded in 1954, the WSA’s purpose is to aid in the implementation of universal human rights. This entails assisting people in understanding that, as human beings, they are endowed with human rights and that they must claim them. This list is open to anyone interested in exchanging ideas about world citizenship, world law and world government. We especially welcome the participation of any of the hundreds of thousands of registered world citizens throughout the world.

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