The Action Asia Network

Linked with Emma Leslie – Cambodia.

The Action Asia network was established in 2000 as a network of individuals and organizations working towards conflict transformation in the Asian region. It is linked to Action International, a network based in South Africa. Through the sharing of experiences at the grassroots level of conflict transformation, the network hopes to create a pool of skills and knowledge.

One of its current programs, the Southeast Asia Conflict Transformation training program, (see on Peacemakers Trust) organizes visits of Burmese peace builders to Cambodia for peacebuilding training. The Action Asia network comprises core members from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Address: The Action Asia network, P.O. Box 2552, Phnom Penh, Country Cambodia. Telephone +855 (12) 764 097, Fax +855 (23) 885 414, Email.

Action Asia is currently in the process of organising an opportunity for peacebuilders around the continent to come together, share their experiences and work together for peace. Much of the training and materials relating to conflict transformation and peace building has been generated and provided in Western countries. Organisations such as responding to Conflict in the UK, and Eastern Mennonite University in the United States have led the field in equipping peace practitioners to do their work. The graduates of these programs are the primary members of the Action Asia network, and to date they have not had the opportunity to share their own thoughts, reflections and theories about the approaches to peacebuilding which are effective within the Asian context. (full text).

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