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Just a glance at this topic suggests there is something the matter with our consciousness even after the attainment of independence from our former colonial rulers quite a while back. It further asserts that we are oppressed and that we should strive for the liberation of our minds. These must be troubling notions, considering that we have freed ourselves from colonial rule many decades ago on average, in some cases after waging bitter struggles with heavy casualties … (full text Homepage).

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THE DANGERS OF TENDERPRENEURSHIP: On a recent visit to one of Gauteng’s top shopping malls, I collided with an old friend and comrade, who I used to serve with in the AZAPO student wing, AZASCO. 

Very excited to see each other, after almost ten years, we exchanged greetings and I found myself confessing ”eish! m’fethu ucishe wang’baizisa”. And by this, I actually meant he had gained so much weight I almost didn’t recognise him. And unwittingly, he reacted “it’s the good life chief, the good life”.

I then decided to enquire what he meant by the ”good life”, he proudly told me: ”Chief, you are still asking! Didn’t they tell you! Hey, uyadlala wena! I own a five bed roomed house with a pool in Jozi north, I am an executive in a BEE company and chief, you don’t want to know what I drive”. Out of pity for my ears, I didn’t bother to ask hoping that he would stop now because I had just heard enough now.

Just when I thought this ostentatious cabaret was coming to an end, my friend, then holding up his hands like a Mafia boss about to tutor a novice, looked me in the eye and said: ”Chief, you have brains but you will remain brilliant and poor for as long as you are in AZAPO, I don’t know what you’re waiting for” … (full text).

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